Smoresoft Sudoku

Smoresoft Sudoku 1.7

Sudoku on the move for your Windows Smartphone


  • Lots of in-game assistance
  • Customizable game board
  • Plenty of stats


  • Keypad gets in the way a bit

Very good

Sudoku games are ten-a-penny on mobile devices and not a week goes by when there isn't another one for me to test.

Smoresoft's effort is not a bad one, and there's lots of extra stuff that can't be done in the paper version of the game, to keep you gripped for some time. For the benefit of those who have been living in a bin for the last 10 years, Sudoku is a numbers game where you must accomodate figures from one to nine on a grid without repeating the numbers in any row, column or square.

In this one you're given some numbers in the grid to start you off then it's over to you to fill in the puzzle. Unfortunately you can't choose a difficulty level in Smoresoft Sudoku, so you need to start with a preset number of pre-filled squares. You can create your own puzzles from scratch, but this option isn't available in the trial version.

If you're a bit of a Sudoku novice then don't worry because there's lots of assistance on offer in this game, including multiple undos, candidate setting, set highting and even an option to flag up incorrect pencil marks.

Smoresoft Sudoku has lots of other game and display settings too. You can set illegal moves rules, define the level of in-game assistance, and choose the pencil mark style. Unlike many other PDA-based Sudoku games, the display itself is customizable and you can choose a theme and set you own background image.

The only thing that really annoyed me about this game is the number pad that pops up when you select a square, as it has a tendency to obscure the other numbers in the grid so you have to keep opening and closing it to view the other numbers, which gets irritating. Perhaps an option for dragging the keypad around the board is called for.

On the whole though this is a well-executed puzzle game with plenty of customizability.

Smoresoft Sudoku introduces a free version of the number puzzle game that has taken the word by storm.

The rules are simple - each column, line and cluster must accommodate the numbers from one to nine but no number may occur twice. Smoresoft Sudoku stays faithful to the original version with only one correct solution for each puzzle.

At the beginning of a game, the software automatically gives you some numbers on the grid to start you off and the rest is up to you. Games can also be saved at any time and returned to later. There is even a track record of your performances and analysis of your results to help you improve your game.

Never be bored on the train again with this classic game.

Smoresoft Sudoku


Smoresoft Sudoku 1.7

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